Each purchased giclee  comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" indicating 

that each print was a combined effort between the artist and printmaker.  It

affirms that the artist was directly involved in all decisions, including media

choice, color, and tonal manipulation ensuring an accurate representation of

the original.  

Carr Imaging (my printmaker) uses the finest pigments and acid free media

available.  Each print in an edition is created one at a time and carefully

inspected before it leaves the studio.  The  materials used along with

techniques developed over a number of years produce the finest prints


Sunset I:  Watercolor giclee rich with vivid New Mexico colors

Talle:  Reaching for the beauty of light and understanding in my floral fantasy watercolor

Ancient History:  Watercolor exploding in the depths

La Luz I:   Texture and vivid colors were a personal need of mine during the process of creating this acrylic on cradleboard.

For Angus:   Juicy watercolor (given as a gift to my favorite artist, Angus Macpherson)


Concord:  Birches in New Hampshire woods

Interiors:   Mixed media collage

Please use the CONTACT page to inquire about availability, prices and sizes.

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All images are copyrighted  by Donna Dionne.  The use of nay image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.

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