Dionne  captures life's important abstract moments

La  Luz I

La Laz I


        ...creating fresh, vibrant images that attempt to capture the essence of the abstract qualities existing in all aspects of existence.

My Work  

        ...may be described as abstract expressionism and attempts to reflect in a colorful way the joy of making art, and  living every  moment to the fullest.



      ...I approach my work with a perspective that takes into account our daily experiences in a broad and purely abstract way.   My style and technique has been developed over years of study, training and experience.   As I continue to learn throughout my life, I've been inspired to express myself through many different painting media.  My maturity as an artist has evolved and flourished in this environment.


"It is our great pleasure to have your work hanging at Amapola Gallery....

          M. Culpepper, Albuquerque, NM

"I love having the art of Donna Dionne hanging in my home!"

          Angus Macpherson

"I'm in awe of (NMWS  Spring Show) exhibit room for works of new watercolor ideas.  Your two entries (La Luz I and Presence) are right at the top of your fellow artists.

          G. Mlynek, Albuquerque, NM


                                 Dionne Art                Albuquerque, NM | 505 350-4436

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